Monday, June 13, 2011

random monday

I am feeling a creative craving coming on today. Maybe the sunburn on my shoulders is going to my head, maybe it's an overdose of caffeine, maybe it's the beautiful day, maybe it's a high from the awesome weekend I had with the hubs... maybe it is a little bit of all these things. All I know is it's resulting in a plethora of random link love and that means we all win.

Feeling inspired by this image to spend some summer time with friends and take lots of pictures.

This wedding dress makes my heart skip a beat

Not that ice cream needs any help, but color dipped cones couldn't hurt

The engineer and I do have a couple of rooms we need to paint...

Craft paper, cursive, and ballet slippered bridesmaids

Style Me Pretty on the CBS Morning Show

Yes, I do read GQ... because it's awesome and I do have a very stylish man

Soup Can Flower Arrangements

Home decor from the fish tank; originally spotted at this talented lady's home

I've posted on Mikoh Swimwear before, and I probably will again. Not quite in my budget, but a girl can dream.

Win a trip to Paris over at Oh Happy Day... Ooooo La La!

"This is just how my face looks..." Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This made my day more than most will ever know.

I know it's a lot, but take a little time... you'll enjoy.


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  1. I LOVE that wedding dress!! And I, as well, suffer from CBF :/ I really enjoy browsing through your blog! :)