Tuesday, June 7, 2011

small town {summer} weekend

Over the weekend, the engineer and I traveled to El Reno, Oklahoma (it's a pretty happening place) for their annual Small Town Weekend. Small Town Weekend feels exactly like summer time in a small town should. It has that 'not a care in the world, sunscreen should be worn (but probably won't be), a sundress is a must, air conditioning is a blessing, calories don't count' kind of feel.

Although the weekend events include many activities, the main event happens when people line the streets in lawn chairs to watch old cars cruise up and down their very own Sunset Blvd. It's wonderful.

Other highlights from the weekend included:

Early Saturday dinner at Sid's Diner (home of the original fried onion burger). It's basically famous. And sooooo yummy. I got a coney. The engineer ordered two king burgers and a cheese coney. I didn't know you had to say cheese. When our orders arrived, the engineer traded coneys with me so I could have the cheese. I think he loves me.

Getting to spend time with both our parents.

Cruising in the hub's '79 corvette. He's had it since he was 15. Once upon a time, pre marriage (when the engineer was still trying to woo me) I got to drive the corvette... then I said I do... now I am strictly a passenger.

Being way too excited about Root Beer floats and fried pickles.

Giggling and clapping like a four year old when the engineer makes the car rev.

Stopping not once but twice for snow cones (sweet treats not pictured because my hands were too sticky).

A perfect summer weekend.

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