Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stream of consciousness

Here is the stream of consciousness that accompanied this outfit:

Should I iron this blazer? Nah, I think that is against summer protocol. I wonder what proper protocol is for wearing a spandex mini-skirt in your late 20's? Don't answer that... I don't wanna know. Besides, I'm not in my late 20's yet. Technically. I wonder if a flat shoe would make more sense with this skirt for a lovely little lady lunch? Uh, but I love these shoes. And the gold. I guess I could wear the gold gladiator flat instead. I will definitely need to change for the engineer's softball game... or is a spandex mini and heels in your mid-20's totally softball appropriate. I think I'll change.

Yep, that's just a piece of what goes through my head while taking these pictures. Good thing for you lovely readers that I usually edit that out.

1 comment:

  1. Ironing. Bleh. My right forearm has a hideous burn mark right now thanks to ironing. Against summer protocol - or any protocol for that matter - agreed.