Friday, July 8, 2011

girl scouts don't carry clutches

I never was a Girl Scout. Although I have always had a love for the great outdoors, my girlish mind wandered more towards sequined dance costumes than camping trips (imagine that...). But even with my limited knowledge of the Girl Scouting ways, I feel confident in my bold statement.

Girl Scouts don't carry clutches.

Why? Because a Girl Scout is always prepared (ok, maybe that's the Boy Scouts, but I believe the same principles apply to the scouting ladies). And there is no way on earth that a girl could alway be prepared with just a clutch. For full on preparedness a girl needs a bag. The kind of twenty pound wonder that makes you go "What the heck is in there?" The kind of bag that gives you a shoulder cramp about halfway through a long shopping trip. And the kind of bag that your mom always carried. 

So here comes the conundrum. Be prepared for any situation or add an extra pop of color to your outfit?

I say pop.

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