Tuesday, July 19, 2011

in a {hollan} daze

Today, I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming. There will be no talk of fashion, our home or even our lives. Today, I want to discuss something far more important...

Let's discuss the deliciousness, nay the heaven, that is hollandaise sauce.

As my sister put it so eloquently this morning, "I could eat it on anything."

While studying the anatomy of my favorite greasy spoon breakfast, eggs benedict, I made an important discovery. It's really all in the hollandaise. The ham and english muffin? Merely the vessels from which hollandaise is transported from plate to mouth. And the egg? Well, let's be honest, if it disappeared from the dish, who would really notice?

Yep, I'm in a {hollan} daze.


  1. I'm really loving your yellow nails! Such a pretty color!

  2. Thanks dear!!!!!!! Bright nails make me smile.