Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thrift store fate

This is not what I wore today.

This is thrift store fate.

Remember when I said the engineer and I did some thrift storing over the weekend? This is a glimpse of the "playing dress up" that follows when you find a piece so special, it must be fate.

I first spotted this dress long ago. So long ago, that it has since then gone on sale and then out of stock.

The second time I spotted this dress was over the weekend. Hanging on a thrift store rack. The first on a long metal rack of forgotten dresses. I didn't even hesitate. I walked towards it with purpose, freed it from its plastic hanger prison, cradled it in my arms and walked it to the checkout line. As simple as that. $4.98 later, this little piece of black lace is all mine.

Dear little dress, who would ever give you up? I have to believe it was some kind of horrible mistake. Somehow, your careless original owner must have accidentally tossed you into the "donate" pile. A tragedy for certain.

But, you know what they say, "Finders keepers..."

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