Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Dear Engineer,

I like you. Like a lot.

And it's funny, because even when you are being a meanhead, I still like you more than any other person.

I like the way I can't remember what it felt like to not know you.

I like that things just aren't as good, bright, happy, lovely when you're not around.

I like that when I think of college, I think of you. I like that the mention of washing dishes makes me smile at the thought of the first time I saw you...washing dishes in my sorority house... mohawk and all.

I like our first kiss.

I like how you're eyes get crinkly when you laugh really hard and then you tear up a little. I like your droopy eyelashes and your blue blue eyes.

I like that with you I am safe.

I like that one time I walked out to my car to find a huge box full of flaming hot cheetos. From you.

I like that two years ago today I married you. And you married me. And that you loved me soooo much that you gave me a ring, and kissed me by the sea.

I like looking back on our life so far and looking forward at all the adventures still to come.

I love our life together.

I love you.



  1. This is sweet. <3 I wish you guys more happiness in the years to come!

  2. Ummm... I just want you to know that I teared up when I read this. So sweet. Miss you!!- Jenna

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! Confession: I may have teared up a little when i wrote it :) Miss you too Jenna!