Thursday, August 18, 2011

around the house

I feel like it has been sometime since I shared the progress we have made in filling our home. 

Well, there hasn't been much.

The house still echos for the most part, but knick knacks... you know those little things that really don't have any purpose other than to make you smile? Yes those. Those we've got.

1. Succulents // They make me think of Santa Barbara. And there is nothing like a houseplant to make a house a home... in a very 1970's way.

2. LED blue twinkle lights // I don't know where their permanent place will be, but right now our mantle glows blue.

3. Sand dollars // Did you know that if you break open a sand dollar you will find little doves inside? I feel this should be displayed.

4. Green chair // One of the only pieces upstairs with an actual function. This cozy green chair and footstool is the perfect spot for reading a good book... or curling up with our book of wedding pictures.

5. Chalkboard // Our kitchen chalkboard could display something practical like recipes or a grocery list. I prefer the lyrics to Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe."

6. Glass fishing floats // Just another one of those landlocked state necessities...


  1. These photos are just stunning! <3



  2. Haha! Thanks Bonnie! But... my photos? The photos on YOUR blog are beautiful!

  3. Love the green chair, it's in such a pretty shade xx

  4. AGREED! Haha! I mean thanks ;) Isn't that green wonderful??? I fell in love with it...