Tuesday, August 9, 2011

california coast

California. I'm addicted to your sweet sweet ways. It's true. I can't stop loving you. Even if I wanted to.

In Junior High School, about the only math I actually wanted to do involved converting all my summer months spent in CA into years. In my mind, the bigger that number, the less okie I really was (sorry Oklahoma... I mean, you're nice too).

I remember thinking about the fact that someday I would bring my husband to my summertime home. The boy I hadn't even met yet. And then, while laying in the warm sand, I would say a quick little prayer for the boy I did not know yet, that where ever he was at that moment, he was safe and loved.

The hubs has been to California four times with me now. Once for our wedding. I think he's an addict too.

We just can't get enough of your sweet, summer, sandy, sunny, sea self (who ordered the morning dose of alliteration?)

 So that's where we were. The California Coast.

Oh, and by the way the piggyback ride? All the engineer's idea.

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  1. So sweet, I also love the sunglasses.