Friday, August 26, 2011

hold up summer

Hold up there summer... I don't know where you think you are going, but I am not done with you yet.

Don't try to fool me with your lipstick melting 100 degree temperatures. I see you trying to slink away. 

Sure, the signs are subtle. A Halloween decoration here, a mum there, maybe even a Christmas bauble  peeking out from a store shelf. But they are there, those first bits of fall.

So this weekend, to combat your fleeting ways, I will be rocking my brightest nail color, my shiniest sandals, and my spaghetti strappiest dresses.

{Yep, I said strappiest}.


  1. cute dress!! im in love with your necklace!! (:

  2. strappiest may be my new fave :)

    I love layering all my turquoise necklaces! Thanks!