Wednesday, August 24, 2011

how does your garden grow? {part three}

How does your garden grow? Ours grows sideways.

Our baby tomatoes are all grown up. Their strong vines have overtaken their little bamboo braces so that they now lean on their sides. The plants seem to like their slant though, because the once yellow blossoms have morphed into round green fruit. Some have even ripened into orange/red deliciousness.

My favorite thing about the garden tomatoes (aside from their deliciousness) is by far their smell. Not necessarily the fruit, but the plant itself. I wish I could write the smell to be as vivid as it is. Like fresh, and earth, and summer.


  1. Gorgeous images!


  2. Thanks so much! You can't really mess up pictures of these pretty summer evenings spent outdoors :)

  3. Bianca, I think I need your help. How do you make your fun, little texts and colors on your pictures? Do you have photoshop?