Thursday, August 11, 2011

party in the back

I consider this dress to be kind of the mullet of my closet. Only much more stylish.

Business in the front, party in the back.

Well, maybe the front isn't reeaaaally business. More like, super stylish Parisian girl. 

WAIT... you mean all girls in Paris don't spend their days walking around wearing black and white stripes while sipping espresso? GASP.

WHAT'S THAT... you say super stylish Parisian girls would never compare a piece of their closet to a mullet? SHOCK.


  1. This is too funny! You look darling as well. No way could I pull that look off!

  2. Such a cute dress!! looks comfy too.. ps are you on your deck?? where is your house located? looks like it's in the middle of shops!!

  3. Haha! I wish!!! It's Hermosa Beach!

  4. OH! And you could sooo pull this off!