Monday, August 15, 2011

random monday

The weekend? It was busy.

Took care of half of #10 and caught up on number one. Lots of work in the yard. Began a love affair with Mad Men (only 6 episodes in). And the engineer took me to a musical! A musical. Like with singing and dancing and bright costumes on stage. It was a big step for my manly man.

And now... for the random loveliness.
photo via nytimes
My love for EmersonMade continues. Love this article spotted here.
P.S. I need these Stretch Bluebells. I neeeeeeeed them.

mini macrame plant hanger via stampel studio 
I may have been the one to champion the removal of macrame from my parent's home, but now... I'm questioning all my anti-macrame beliefs. I could be crushing too Pretty Mommy.

photo via emily henderson
I have some sad closet doors that could use a little something shiny.

wedding library print via etsy shop personalized prints.
These alternatives to the wedding guest book are fabulous. Not to mention the added bonus of having a cool graphic piece to grace the wall of your new nest.

photo via vogue
Speaking of weddings... Kate's wedding????? Magic.

ad via brian ferry
This Starbucks ad and all the wonderful images make me smile... and crave coffee. I guess that's the point.

photo via annie mcelwain
A giant picture frame would be the perfect home for all of our beautiful vacation pictures.

Happy Monday lovelies!


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