Monday, August 8, 2011

random {post vacation from vacation} monday

I'm back, I'm back. Promise.

Turns out I needed a little vacation from vacation. And now, it's Monday and I'm ready to dive right in... yep, right back into bed. NO! Bad Bianca.

I will accomplish many things. I will turn all of the wonderful things inspiring me into reality. I will drink several cups of coffee before noon.
photo via ashley jahncke
I will wear my hair in this milkmaid braid.

photo via the flowerchild dwelling
I will continue to read. I finished The Help (love, love, LOVE). I think I will continue on with the future movie books. Next up, One Day.

photo via from me to you
I will embrace my full eyebrows. I mean... when have I not really?

photo via katie licht
I will be happy.

video by daniel addelson

I will dance around in our house. (And probably continue to obsess over design love fest).

What are you up to this Random Monday?


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