Wednesday, September 28, 2011

lunch date

My phone buzzed obnoxiously. Judging by the short, single vibration, it was a text message. I fished through the dark crevices of my crumpled receipt-ridden purse until my wine colored flip phone became visible.

Fr: Baby. {That's right, he's Baby in my phone, judge away... I would}. Funny how seeing a text message from him still makes me smile, obnoxious phone buzz forgotten. He asked me out on a date. A lunch date. In the single world, a lunch date is the "just friends" kiss of death. Now that we're married, it's kind of like a sweet nod to our past quick lunches between college classes.

I arrived 15 minutes before our allotted lunch time. Probably the first time I have ever arrived anywhere before the engineer. Turns out waiting isn't so bad. Extra time is the perfect time to appreciate your surroundings.

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