Friday, September 16, 2011

NYC day two: eyes up

Ballet class was a huge part of my young life. Besides the ever present chants of "shoulders back" and "tuck your buttocks," my teacher also seemed to hold issue with eyes glancing to the floor. "Eyes up Bianca, eyes up..." It was a common mantra of class.

In New York City, "eyes up" comes naturally.

As though to proclaim to all that I was indeed a tourist, I instinctively turned my sights toward the skies (or lack there of). An unlimited supply of Sex and the City episodes or imagination could not have prepared me for the overwhelmingness of this man made world. The buildings. Towering, it is a word that just does not do it justice.

The buildings are all encompassing. Like weeds in a forgotten field, growing in any available crack. Yet each so distinct, unique and individualized by color, words, metal... How could one's eyes not be drawn up?

New York City Day Two.

{ 1. tacos on elizabeth street: 2. shopping in soho; 3. coffee at mc j books; 4. bloomingdales; 5. people watching at lincoln center; 6. pizza at patsy's pizzeria }


  1. I'm soooo excited to be reading your posts about NY! why? Because in December, I'm going!!!!! I've never been and words can't even begin to describe my excitement. Any place that you saw that you think I HAVE to go to?

  2. Oh gosh! The pressure! Well as a NYC first timer I don't know how much incite I can provide. I will say I LOVED going to a broadway play... Mama Mia! made me so happy (but I am also musical obsessed sooooo, not objective). You must get bagels with yummy toppings. The NY Library was also amazing, but I am obsessed with libraries too... hahaha!

  3. Oh! and under the brooklyn bridge was awesome! AAAANd Central Park is so amazing and just so unexpected amongst all the city, but I guess that one was obvious...