Monday, September 26, 2011

random {fall} monday

So long sweet summer. You were good to me, that much is certain. Sure, I didn't quite finish everything on my list, but the time has come to start a new list... a fall list {I'll share this week}.

The time has come to say goodbye to tan lines and toes and hello to all things cozy. I guess I can accept that. 
image via glenn o'connell
An ode to the new season. Leaves changing from green to golden orange is my favorite.

image via vogue
Logistically, could I wear a necklace down my back? Logistics are overrated.

A lovely little cozy glowy video.

vase sconce via oldnewagain on etsy
I would take an entire wall of these darlings. Too much?

image via cardigan lookbook
Cut-offs into fall. This is a look I am all over.

diy via design sponge
If I had an iPhone, this is what I would carry it in, but I don't. I have a flip phone. I choose to believe it is so old it will be vintage soon. And Carry Bradshaw would approve.

wall decal via harmonie-interieure
Displaying these words on the wall seems like a good idea. All you need is love {repeating this to myself}.

First Random Monday of fall... my how time flies.



  1. I have a flip phone still, too! Love it that I'm not the only one! xo, Emily.

  2. Haha! I am glad to hear there is someone else out there as well! I didn't think it would matter in a grown up world, but I've actually been teased about it!

    Thanks for the flip phone support ;)