Monday, September 19, 2011

random monday {and some television}

I am interrupting my tales of NYC to bring you Random Monday. I could write about so many things right now... but the subject matter that most interests me today? Television. A sad statement, I must admit.

I wish I could be one of those really cool "intellectual" people. The kind that don't own a TV, those who would never dream of following a reality TV show, and the kind who don't even think about their DVR. That is not me.

Right now I am giddy with happiness over the upcoming fall premiers; some Modern Family, a little Glee, a touch of How I Met Your Mother, the new PanAm, and even a dash of Zooey Deschanel... Oh, I could go on, but I won't.

Now I will distract you from judging me with a few pretty random things.

image via bleubird vintage
I spotted this children's book about Audrey Hepburn at Anthropologie. Ever since then I've been obsessing. Just another reason to have daughters instead of sons {sorry husband}.

image via 9 to 5 chic
This new loafer trend reminds me of a house shoe that Fred Astaire would have slipped into along with his smoking jacket after a long day of dancing with Ginger... Only these have glitter. Sold.

image via the daybook
And just when you thought I had made such a convincing case for girls, this print goes and makes everything all confusing.

image via a subtle revelry
Ummm... Is that a cinema trailer? I believe it is.

image via 100 layer cake
These invites make my heart beat fast.

So how'd I do? Did I distract you from judging me for a minute there? No? That's ok. I judge me a little too.


P.S. Tomorrow? New York City Day 3!

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