Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fall to-do list

Fall is my favorite. There, I said it. Now don't get me wrong, summer is up there. Waaaay up there. But I can't deny my love for fall.

Summer has sun tans, winter has Christmas carols, but fall, oh fall. Fall glows orange and yellow. It's like fire without all that pesky heat.

I feel before I go on, I must admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to this season. My birthday is the day before Halloween and the engineer's follows soon after. Let's face it, when you combine Halloween with gifts... basically the greatest thing ever!

With that being said, let's continue with the fall to-do list. With this list, I vow to make the most of the season.

1. Buy mums. CHECK

2. Display mums on front porch with pumpkins. (half CHECK)

3. Promptly decorate for Halloween.

4. Bake pumpkin treats.

5. Drink hot apple cider often.

6. Visit a pumpkin patch.

7. Go on a hayride.

8. Prepare garden for winter. This probably should begin with researching how to prepare your garden for winter...

9. Take walks with the man to enjoy the changing leaves.

10. Attend a football game. OK, I know nothing about football, but there is something very fall about them. I would even go to a high school game, just for nostalgia.

11. Dress up for Halloween.

12. Watch Halloween movies. Note: not scary ones... the scariest I am willing to go is a little Alfred Hitchcock. Perhaps the classics such as Vertigo or The Man Who Knew Too Much. Complete with popcorn mixed with Halloween colored candies.

13. Roast pumpkin seeds.

14. Carve pumpkins.

15. Finally get to hand out candy to trick or treaters!

16. Make caramel apples.

17. Hit garage sales and estate sales before it is waaaay too cold.

As stated before, I do plan to add to this list at whim.

What's on your fall to-do list? What did I leave off?


  1. beautiful fall photos! and i love this fall list. so great to have a seasonal list. cuz why not enjoy all the fun/new activities each one has to offer. (PS-Want to win a pair of Cents of Style shoes of your choice? Enter on my blog today: www.rubygirlblog.com)

  2. Thanks! I agree! I want to make the most of fall!

  3. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Ah thanks darling!!!! I'm so glad you like!