Monday, October 17, 2011

random monday

I made a pot of coffee this morning for six. I am the only one here. I better get to work. Meanwhile, I bring you Random Monday...

image via the glamourai
I've seen it coming, baseball caps hitting the fashionable world. I don't know how to feel about it... Excited? Terrified? The urge to break into the engineers vast collection of flat bill caps? (Just kidding husband, I would neeeeeever do such a thing...) How do you feel about this?

image via sacramento street
Have I mentioned I want a hanging chair? I have the spot all picked out! I just need to stumble upon one... yep, just need to stumble upon the perfect hanging chair in great condition with a current owner who is looking to give it away for mere pennies. Should be no problem.

image via lauren dukoff
Hey Binki Shapiromusician and up and coming style icon... my mom's been calling me Binky (with a "y") for years. I'm just saying...

image via oh happy day
A lovely little autumn treat. DIY personal caramel apple kit.

image via don't eat the paintings
My love for mason jars continues with this pretty signature cocktail sign.

image via hatch collection
Cutest maternity clothes ever!

image via everything fabulous
Now this is what I call a fall to-do list. I may have to add bake bread, make stew, breathe deeply and sit outside to mine.

image via advanced style
Over the weekend, I discovered the blog Advanced Style and am just a little obsessed. I was actually right by these two ladies at fashion week! Someday I want to wear a black and turquoise scarf on my head, but for now, red slacks, a blue blouse and an animal print belt are on my must wear list. Also loving this 100 year old women talking about her daily pilates class. I am officially a slacker.

So that's Monday. I better get to work on that coffee. Oh, and there are other things I have to do too... But it's kind of gloomy out and coffee just seems more do-able. One step at a time darlings, one step at a time...


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