Thursday, October 27, 2011

remember being a little kid?

I remember my canopy bed. It was built by my father. It had wooden poles reaching out from the original canopy-less metal frame and all around me, lace. Long ivory lace curtains that puddled to the floor. By day, and most nights, the curtains were tied back by dusty pink tassels, but on special nights we let the canopies down. With the curtains untied and shut around the bed, a little girl could feel like a princess, or Shirley Temple, or a Barbie doll, depending on the obsession of the moment.

There, inside our lace palace, my sister and I would be. Aside from my canopy bed, thoughts of childhood bring memories of books. On any given night, our shared bed would be littered with the finest of childhood literary classics; Berenstain Bears, Little Critters, a variety of my sister's books that made sounds and sang songs when you pushed a button, and of course a vast assortment of the Little Golden Books.

Among my most memorable reads is this one, The Monster At the End of This Book. I must have read it to my sister because I still remember how I annunciated all the appropriate words with shock and horror as we turned each page, "Did that say there will be a MONSTER at the end of this book?!?"

I probably hadn't even thought about that book since my bedtime story days. I came across it while searching for the perfect book to send to our little niece as her Halloween treat. When I saw it among the other children's books,  it all came back.

I am amazed that somehow I still remember most of the words and that flipping through the pages still makes me smile.

What were your childhood books? Like me, do you still have some that make you smile (or am I just that much of a dork)?


  1. The "Pokey Little Puppy" was my absolute favorite when I was little!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I definitely remember that one!