Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sock. bun. genius.

I knew she was beautiful. I knew she was talented. I did not know she was a genius {I always suspected it of course}.

Yesterday, Lauren over at Three Pink Dots posted this bun tutorial. And let me tell you... LIFE CHANGING.

You've seen me on here before... I have a lot of hair and it's all up in this perfectly uniformed bun. The craziest part? There is not one bobby pin in this baby. And it stayed up all day. I mean, I probably wouldn't attempt to run any marathons with this hair {not that I would ever attempt to run a marathon period}, but you get the point.

So go check out the tutorial over at Three Pink Dots. Because, yep, there is a sock in here.

P.S. I am wearing a top in these pictures... it's just strapless. Poor decision on my part.


  1. Ha LOVE it! You have such a cute sock-bun! Is it not amazing?! Of all people I knew you would love this one... it's my new go-to hair-do.

    You are so sweet, thanks for trying and loving!

  2. I ran across a tutorial on pinterest that shows beautiful curls as a result of the sock bun and damp hair. Who knew a sock could be so great!

  3. It's amazing! And now all those pesky single socks that somehow lost their mate have such purpose!