Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sweater weather

My toes knew before I did. I awoke warm and cozy, maybe even a little too warm (a problem that in the coming months I fear I will long too have). It only took about 2 seconds of my bare toes against our wood floors for me to get the message; it is officially sweater weather.

There I was, enjoying pseudo fall... you know, that glorious time when you have all the benefits of fall along with warm days ending in crisp evenings. But then, real fall hits. Of course, you still have some of those lovely benefits, but they will begin to be overshadowed by gloomy days, cold gusts of wind, and maybe even... gulp... the first frost.

Today I begin to unearth my stored sweaters from their summer captivity. And although only a light sweater is necessary at the moment, I know it is merely a matter of time before I break out the big guns... wool.

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