Wednesday, October 19, 2011

toil and trouble

"Double, double, toil and trouble... What's that from?" he asked while surveying our newly decorated mantel. I looked at my darling husband with a look of disgust, mixed with pity. My voice dripped with superiority and "Uhhhh... Duuuuh..." as I said, "Seriously? Are you serious? It's from..."

That's when the panic set in. What was that from? As my obviously clueless pause hung in the air, I could see my high school English teacher's face staring at me with the same look I had just given the engineer. Mrs. Landrum would be so ashamed.

It was Shakespeare. definitely Shakespeare, that much I knew. But what play? There were three witches... Hamlet? No! Not Hamlet. But there was a skull in that one, and Mel Gibson? Ugh. I could feel my high school education slipping through my fingers.

"Macbeth!" I yelped, followed by a heavy sigh of relief. Although I was fairly certain, doubt still lurked behind my triumphant outburst. To squelch my uncertainty, I did what any true literary scholar would do, a Google search.

Google confirmed that all was not lost of my high school education. And so, "part the glories of this happy day." Wait... Crap.

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