Tuesday, November 22, 2011

me and gee

It would appear that my lack of domestic ability is officially putting living things in danger (other than just my husband).

Sure, at first it was just cooking and a slight aversion to cleaning. But, no, now it would appear that my lack of housekeeping abilities has extended to plants. Poor little defenseless plants, just minding there own business, doing there photosynthesis thing, expecting nothing more from me than a little water and to be protected from the elements. To be brought inside when the fall turns to winter and to be given a warm sanctuary when evening temperature's drop into the 30's.

Dear sweet geranium... Gee, may I call you Gee? I've failed you. How could I forget about your delicate red blossoms left to defend themselves against the Kansas frost? A perfect example of why I don't have children yet. Or a dog.

But now your inside, my dear. I've done what I could, setting you in the warmest, sunniest spot available and removing your dry brown leaves. Now it's up to you. Stay with me Gee. Don't go towards the bright light... not yet.

Or wait... do.

I mean whatever works.


  1. I just posted something about lacking domesticity the other day. It's funny how regardless of what age you are, there's always room for improvement. Maybe if you just create a reminder you'll remember to water Gee & she'll live happy as can be!

  2. Seriously, I need a grown up chore chart! Unfortunately, this is my first winter having plants... I forgot that Kansas cold is not ideal for most plants. Imagine that.

    I would love to say this is my first domestic slip up... http://alittlewhitemouse.blogspot.com/2011/05/domestic-goddess-almost.html

    It's a learning process ;)

  3. I read your post! How could I forget??? Wine bottle rolling pin! You are definitely a domestic goddess.