Thursday, November 3, 2011

my mom's chocolate cake

Married, a college graduate and a home of my own. By all standards I am a grown up. Yet my favorite thing to eat still remains my mother’s chocolate cake. 

It is moist, rich and has a frosting that is more fudge-like than frosting-like.

My mother once told me how my favorite cake came to be... I was just a little girl when I started dance classes, not even three. And with dance classes came recitals, and with recitals came hairspray, trophies and sequined costumes, expensive sequined costumes.

Each year, to celebrate my recitals, my mother would purchase a cake. A perfect cake with delicate frosting roses and tiny plastic ballerinas balancing on top. Their metallic pointe shoes gleaming gold.

Then one year, mother couldn’t quite afford the perfect store bought cake. Instead, she made a homemade chocolate cake. She worried that her daughter would miss the perfect frosting roses and the plastic ballerinas.

I guess the funny part is that I don’t actually remember those store bought cakes. I only have the pictures to know they were real. What I do remember, and crave, is my mother’s homemade chocolate cake. It’s funny how much a recipe can become a part of your life.

I turned 26 on October 30. And as you know, my mother made the cake.


  1. This looks delicious - and so fantastic it has a special meaning too. I'm over here wondering if this is a secret family recipe or if it will be shared??!!

  2. Haha! Hi Sincerely Sara Cate! Hmmmm... not sure about that one. We may have to check with mums and see if she is willing to let it out of the vault...

  3. Great.. I think I just drooled on my keys. Thanks Bianca, now all I have to fix this urge is a small tiny snickers halloween leftover. :)

  4. Haha! Thank goodness for leftover Halloween candy!

  5. The cake looks delicious!

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