Tuesday, November 1, 2011

playing catch up

I took Halloween off from blogging. It is truly a vacation worthy holiday. But as after any day off, I am now playing catch up. Here's what you missed while I was slacking off...

1. Halloween weekend at my parents house.

a. We spent the weekend before Halloween in the most wonderful Halloween house ever. Built in 1910, it has just enough creaks, dark corners, and spiderwebs to compliment any spooky decoration, which is ideal, because my mom displays quite a few.

b. Costumes were mandatory. My mom was an evil queen (a super hot one of course), my sister a mermaid with a fabulous makeup job (if I do say so myself), her boyfriend a fisherman, the engineer a spooky old man, and I was a pirate (a mean one).

c. At first the hubs was hesitant to wear his costume, but then, as any good pirate would, I put him in a headlock. He decided that perhaps he did want to wear his costume.

2. My Birthday, October 30th, the day before Halloween.

a. Officially my Birthday was Sunday, but I'm the kind of girl who gets a whole weekend.

b. We celebrated with my mom's chocolate cake. Her cake is spoke of in hushed tones of awe and has been referred to as heaven on a plate (by me).

3. Our first Trick or Treaters in our first home.

a. Remember how I said my parent's home can be pretty spooky? Well, it's just spooky enough to mean that Trick or Treaters NEVER, EVER made the long walk down our heavily wooded gravel road for candy. Thus, I have never had Trick or Treaters.

b. We gave away all of our candy.

c. The engineer says I am a very good Trick or Treat greeter.

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