Tuesday, November 29, 2011

take that

The fact that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs after the Thanksgiving holiday is a sick cruel conspiracy against women. There, I said it.

Just when we've stuffed ourselves to the fullest, when the last of our summer tans have completely disappeared, and when the air is just cold enough to give us an excuse not to go to the gym... BAM! What do they bring us? Strutting supermodels at their tautest, clad in lingerie with an unnatural glow.

I'll show you, you 6'2" goddesses... I'm rocking my sexiest boots that give me a solid extra four inches, my fake leather pants, my sheer black top and my sexiest face (yep, that's the best I got). Take that!

Despite my objections and outburst, please know that tonight, I will be watching in awe. I will oooh over the glittery fabulousness of it all, I will covet there perfectly tousled locks, and I will promise to go to the gym everyday this week with no excuses... I mean, unless it's cold or something.

top: lucca (okc)
pants: forever 21
boots: forever 21


  1. This is so true. I used to get frustrated over their cruel timing, but it made me realize that I am in no way forced to eat or maintain a body like they are. :) Happy Viewing!

  2. Haha! Too true! Which is why I will watch while eating a rather large piece of chocolate cake ;) Now we're talkin!

  3. Hi, We just wanted to let you know that you got us into blogging, or your blog did. I heard about you from my moms friend. We live in Kansas too. We is me, Kylie, and Emily. I'm Elle. Were all writing a blog together. Were never going to have a whole lot of followers but that's not important to us, were just excited to be able to tell our stories. So thank you, for inspiring us to do something different.

    -Blogger Babes

  4. Oh my goodness! You ladies just made my day! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see what you do!

  5. Girl. You could probably be up there with the rest of them! Love the outfit! And glad to find your blog :)

  6. You are seriously adorable! I could never sport leather pants. (I think that's what you're wearing)

    - Lacey

  7. Lacey and Michelle, you girls seriously made my day! Haha!