Tuesday, December 6, 2011

an advent calendar

An Advent Calendar. Any other time of year and I would simply call it my seasonal list, but not at Christmas. At Christmas things get fancier.

Using this DIY for my advent garland inspiration, I added an assortment of white, gold and bronze to a plain garland. Next, with a little cardstock and twine, I assigned each day of December a yuletide task (with a little help from the husband, of course).

Turns out that when you procrastinate displaying your Advent Calendar until December 6 you end up a little behind. Below are our tasks to make the most out of the holiday season. If my calculations are correct, we should be done by mid-January...

1.  decorate christmas tree
2.  watch "christmas vacation"
3.  put up outdoor lights
4.  drive through christmas lights
5.  hang wreath on front door
6.  drink eggnog
7.  take pictures for christmas cards
8.  watch "the grinch"
9.  hang mistletoe and kiss
10. listen to christmas music
11. buy presents
12. drink hot cocoa
13. bake a christmas treat
14. read the christmas story
15. mail christmas cards
16. google polar bears (a husband request)
17. drive through christmas lights with friends
18. eat candy canes
19. build a snowman
20. have a snowball fight
21. trip to starbucks for a holiday drink
22. wrap presents and watch "home alone"
23. drink hot cocoa, pop popcorn and watch "home alone 2"
24. go to a christmas eve service
25. open presents

* Please note, I will watch many many more Christmas movies. 


  1. I love this! However, where is the Junior League Christmas Lights Party Bus on this list? I believe that it should be #15!

  2. Haha! Truuuuue, but unfortunately I am unable to attend... you will just have to party it up without me I suppose ;)