Friday, December 30, 2011

a dangerous cycle

{ sweater: forever 21 / belt: express / skirt: forever 21 / boots: chinese laundry }
In honor of the engineer's time off from work and the holiday season, we have decided to take a break from getting dressed. The decision to live a life in pajamas may have been an accidental one, but we seem to be sticking to it none the less. The time we would have spent getting dressed seems to have been replaced with massive food intake (my diet is now predominately chocolate), an influx in our iPod/iPhone/iPad/laptop time, and a seemingly constant stream of sitcom reruns.

The above pictures were shot in the evening. The first time I had bothered to get dressed in some time. The reason for clothing? We were leaving the house for more food. Upon our return, I returned to pajamas.

We seem to have entered a dangerous cycle here.


  1. I LOVE your once upon a time story! It seriously just melted my heart. So original and sweet. Sigh. Anyways, just discovered your blog (via comment on another blog) and I love it. Such a breath of fresh air! I'm definitely following your blog now. I hope you can stop by, let me know what you think and follow back if you feel compelled! So glad I found you! XO
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  2. I love you blog name! so different yet beautiful!


  3. Hannah, you are toooo sweet and I am so glad you are following now! I will definitely check out your blog! I hope you keep in touch!

    Elizabeth, I am kiiiiinda in love were your blog name too! I love a good love story ;)