Thursday, December 29, 2011


{ hat: posh in marlow, ok / sunglasses: ray-ban / sheen supreme lipstick in new temptation: mac / tissue turtleneck: j. crew / sweater: ralph lauren / leggings: forever 21 / boots: cole haan }
Your parents take care of most of the unwrapping during your first Christmas. Their efforts reveal brand new toys, cuing a chorus of ooohs and aaahs from the adults in the room. You, in turn, ignore the toy to play with the box.

In later Christmases, you master the art of destruction. Tearing through wrapping, box and bow in a flurry, you turn prettily wrapped presents into Christmas confetti in record time. Each rip triggers a yelp of excitement, followed by a light thump as you toss every carefully chosen toy to the side. Ready for the next. Volume is key in these critical years.

When your taste for toys makes way for your taste for fashion, Christmas slows down a bit. Sure, you still tear through the beautiful wrapping in record time, but not before you make note of the lovely glitter ribbon. Once your gift is revealed, pause must be made to model your new sweater, or heels, or lipstick for your mother and sister.

When you're kids, you and your little sister spend Christmas playing dress-up with Barbies.

When you're both in your 20's, you play dress up for real.

See my little sister's Christmas outfit here.

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