Tuesday, December 27, 2011

random {famous} monday

image via the wichita eagle
So this post does not necessarily look like my typical Random Monday (which works since technically it is 12:51 a.m. and now officially Tuesday), but it is pretty random none the less.

Random point to gather from this? I am basically famous.

Yes, basically famous... or featured in the local newspaper to showcase my thrifted velvet jumper as the perfect budget friendly New Year's Eve ensemble.

Let's just call it famous.

Watch out Brad and Angelina. Sad that those are the most famous people I can think of? Probably.


  1. This made me smile, Congrats on being famous

  2. No way, I know her!!! So proud of you little one!

  3. saw your post in the paper. my grandmother (who lives in wichita) cut it out and brought it to me when she visited us in dallas. loved your look! also, love your blog. i just discovered it and recently added it to the "blogs i read" section of my blog mamalovestyle@blogspot.com.

    hope you had a great holiday season thus far!

  4. That is so awesome that your grandmother brought you that! Haha! Now I feel really famous ;) I am so glad you like the ol' bloggy blog! I am super excited to be added to the lists of blogs you read (honored really). I hope to hear more from you!