Monday, December 12, 2011

random monday

When it comes to Christmas, I am behind. How did I happen upon this realization? Etsy.

When you open your email account to find this Etsy conservation, you can go ahead and assume that Christmas is kicking your slow moving behind...

Dear Customer,

You are a terrible wife/daughter/sister/friend/person for waiting so long to order this handmade/vintage gift. And because you are terrible grinch of a person, we will now punish you by telling you that we cannot "guarantee" that your gift will make it to you by Christmas. This basically means that we will give you just enough hope so that you will not cancel said order, but will probably not receive it in time for the holidays, thus disappointing all those wonderful people in your life who were undoubtedly more punctual in their gift purchasing than you.

Way to go slick.

Etsy Seller

Yep, bad sign. And now, Random Christmasy things.

image via sweet paul
My presents are not wrapped in plaid, but maybe they should be...

image via poppytalk
Never thought I would lust after metal funnels.

image/recipe via styled creative
Pretty sure this would make for a very merry Christmas breakfast. Add some american cheese and you've basically got a McGriddle... yep, I said it. My name is Bianca and I enjoy partaking in the occasional McGriddle. Judge if you will.

image via you are my fave
If I had an extra Christmas month I would make these jars and fill them with homemade peppermint hot cocoa mix for all my friends and loved ones.

image via poppytalk
Peace On Earth DIY Wreath. Because it's really all about peace on earth, goodwill towards man and the baby Jesus. I promise not to forget it.

For the record, that was an Etsy conversation dramatization. Etsy sellers are much less judgey than portrayed.



  1. Next year I will wrap in plaid! What a fun, pretty idea!

  2. I know! Isn't it wonderful! And maybe bow ties for bows? I think yes :)