Friday, January 13, 2012

all by myself

{ sunglasses: ray-ban aviator // necklace: posh in marlow, ok // sweater: express // maxi dress: forever 21 // bracelet: j. crew // boots: fossil }
I did it. I took down the Christmas tree. And I did it ALL. BY. MY. SELF.

"Who helped you?" my husband asked as he was greeted home by a blank wall where our 8 foot tree once stood. I sensed his confusion in finding no scratched wood floors, broken windows, or emergency room bills.

"No one, I did it myself," I answered in a self-reliant tone. I let out my best haughty teenager sigh as though to say, "Of course I did it myself, how silly of you to think that I would need help."

My sigh seemed to do nothing to squelch his skepticism. "How?" he asked.

I proceeded to beguile him with the tale of heaving the tree from its stand, laying it on the old white sheet I had placed on the floor, wrapping it safely and tidily in said sheet, pulling the tree through the back door and then... well... throwing it over the balcony.

I knew that I had lost a little of my tree removal expert credibility in that last part. Yet, I still felt quite empowered at that moment. Like taking down the Christmas tree on my own was my first step towards feminism.

Next step, opening jars on my own.

Then maybe killing spiders... we'll see...

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  1. Haha so cute! I don't like killing spiders, but living in an apartment has forced me to do so a few times! :)