Friday, January 6, 2012

isn't life sweet {potato fries}

Have you noticed a trend among the recipes I share with you? Simple, not really anything that could be used as an entire meal, and usually trying to turn healthy food into something that tastes a little less, well, healthy?

Well, in keeping with that trend, I give you baked sweet potato fries.

I have tried to make them a few ways, but this recipe is the only one that has given them that essential crispness (you know... like bad for you fries have). If the crisp factor isn't enough to get you behind this recipe, how about this? It will make you feel fancy. Yes, because this recipe calls for things like rosemary and fresh garlic. See? Fancy fries.

Disclaimer #1: The recipe calls for paprika. Since I had none, I did a Google search and found that red cayenne pepper makes for a good substitute. Thanks Google. Couldn't cook without you.

Disclaimer #2: I eat my sweet potato fries with ketchup. Husband informs me that ketchup is full of sugar.  Just thought you should know in case you are looking for something SUPER healthy. I didn't want to lead you astray. 

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