Wednesday, January 18, 2012

just like her

{ sunglasses: ray-ban wayfarers // jewelry: new mexico // pashmina: posh in marlow, ok // shirt: lucky brand // belt: vintage }
To my mother's delight, I was born with a full head of black hair. She had her first baby daughter who would look just like her.

Shortly after the first set of my baby pictures were taken, the black hair fell out to reveal my true color... blond, like my father's. Luckily those early pictures remain, as proof that the black hair existed and was not just a new mom hormonal mirage.

When I was five, my mom gave birth to her second baby girl. My sister, so tiny, was born with almost a reddish hair color. Ajenda grew up to look just like me.

Now both in our 20s, it has become clear that my sister and I missed out on some of our mother's genetics. Her striking dark hair, her olive skin that with only a little sun becomes a rich bronze, and her long elegant facial features.

Although lacking some of my mother's beautiful genetics, I feel blessed to have received some others. Maybe those that are even more beautiful. A love for late nights, coffee with cream, and candle light. A longing to make the things around me beautiful. A fast metabolism (way to go mom). A love for day long shopping trips, old homes and the sea. And a loud, uninhibited laugh.

I really love being just like her.

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  1. She is GORGEOUS!