Wednesday, January 4, 2012


{ sunglasses: ray-ban / shirt & necklace: posh in marlow, ok / belt: express / watch: michael kors / jeans: tj maxx / boots: chinese laundry }
I do not have a sock drawer. Instead, I have a tote bag tossed clumsily in the bottom of my closet. The tote doubles as the Bermuda Triangle of socks. Pairs go in, but only one comes out. I may have one of Amelia Earhart's socks in there right now, but we'll never know.

This fact, paired with the severe post-holiday laundry situation we've got going on over here contributed to this confession...

Yesterday I wore mismatched socks. One, a dark gray that I'm still not entirely sure isn't one of the engineer's dress socks. The other, a navy and white striped sock that before a nasty tumble with the dryer, was a thigh-high. There, now you know the mismatched truth.

And don't go telling me to fold the socks together. I know that trick. But the Bermuda Triangle of socks cannot be fooled that easily.


  1. haha, this made me smile.. I have such trouble trying to find a matching pair of socks. My boyfriend always has his perfectly paired up in the drawers.. I just don't know how he does it!

  2. haha I've always had sock trouble too! I figure it doesn't matter if I'm wearing mismatched socks, as long as know one sees 'em. ;)

  3. That's why boots are so great.....

  4. Story of my life girl...and I even HAVE a sock drawer and still can't keep socks matched.

    Love your outfit! You're adorable!

  5. Haha! You know what just occurred to me???

    Husband has TWO sock drawers. One for dressy socks and one for workout socks.

    Perhaps I should commandeer one... Until then, I'm with you ladies. Boots all the way.