Tuesday, January 17, 2012


{ pashmina: posh in marlow, ok // long cardigan: forever 21 // belt: vintage // watch: michael kors // boots: lucky brand }
When you are wrapped in it while curled up on your couch it is called a throw. When you wear it out to lunch and shopping, it is called a pashmina. At least that's what I spent the weekend calling my new cream shawl, my paaaaaashmina (that is the true pronunciation in case you were wondering... heavy on the "paaaaash").

Technically, I believe pashmina is a type of cashmere, but for me, it is a large, soft, cozy blanket that you are allowed to wear out on the town without judgement.

Regardless of what you choose to call it, I will I continue to wear this entirely too often, toss it over one shoulder dramatically, and to call this my paaaaashmina. Because wearing a blanket while you are out in public just seems more acceptable when you give it a pretty name.


  1. Oh I want one now! It looks very pretty on you, and oh so warm

  2. This looks so comfy and cute! Love the watch too! xo

  3. Ladies... let me tell ya, I could write a sonnet on this baby. So soft, the perfect weight, and easy to move around in. I thought maybe it would be cumbersome, but it's not! Sigh, it's kinda the new love of my life. I mean... other than the hubs of course ;)