Monday, January 23, 2012

random monday

Um, excuse me. January? Where do you think you're going? Could you slow down a bit? I mean, yes, I am all about the warmth that spring brings, but I have yet to accomplish any of those cliche January things that are expected of me. 

You know, all of those post New Year's Eve and holidays, new year new you things. I have not organized any cabinets, started any juice cleanses or taken up any new crazy workout routines. Isn't that what January is for? 

And now, some randomness.
{ image via odyssea may society }
We still need a couch on the main floor of our home... I think this couch/bed could be just the ticket. Seriously, I want to dive into this nook right now.

{ image via covers etc. }
I love browsing through old paperbacks for the fabulous covers, especially the scandalous ones... Yes, I judge books by their covers.

{ image via cupcakes and cashmere // ring via bijules }
I can't help it. I absolutely love this ring. I. Want. It.

{ bra and panties via ten undies }
Love these simple sweet under things. Also, didn't Blanche Devereaux have that wallpaper on "The Golden Girls"? I'm just saying, could make me love it more.

{ chloe metallic textured-leather ballet flats via net-a-porter }
For the record, I most certainly do not have an extra $450 around here for shoes. That does not stop me from dreaming about these shoes on my feet.

{ image/diy via honestly... wtf }
Orange candle. Like for reals. Not just scented. Yeah, that's just cool.

Perhaps February will be the month for cleanses and workouts.

Most likely, it will be the month of chocolates in heart shaped boxes. I think I like that idea better anyways.



  1. Want that couch bed, and those flats- pronto.
    And yeah- what's up with Spring barging in? It was 68 or so on Christmas! Just wrong.

    Stop by and follow my side of the blog-world, because when I reach 200 followers {4 to go!} I will be throwing a "Super Yay" 200 Follower Giveaway Party! You won't want to miss it!

  2. Those shoes are too dang cute- I wish I could splurge on them too!

    Have a wonderful week! xo

  3. I haven't cleansed yet either, though I really really want to! I'm considering a liquid diet detox

    I love those shoes, and that nook makes me want to snuggle up and read my book x

  4. Great photos, I love that nail/ring thing, so cool! i want one :)