Friday, January 20, 2012

young lovers

I thought the engineer would put up more of fight when I placed my newly thrifted find proudly and predominately in the center of our mantle. Instead, he simply sported his most knowing smirk and shrugged. His shrug seemed to say, "I'm getting used to this whole living with a girl thing."

Besides, how could he deny my absolute love for this little ceramic couple? In the short time they have been with us, the young lovers have not only become the central object of our mantle but also of my affection.

Because he seems quite serious and she has a repaired chip on her nose, I think I will call them Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. It just seems appropriate.


  1. I love this post, the names are perfect.. and your boyfriends reaction made me laugh, mine is the same when I bring home giant candles and vintage photographs to put on the wall xx

    1. Why thank you Charlotte! I'm glad you like ;) I think he is slowly starting to acquire a taste for my style... too bad and to his dismay, I will not be acquiring a taste for sports memorabilia any time soon.