Tuesday, February 21, 2012


{ earrings: similar here }
My aim name was bracefacebianca. It was a simpler time then. When Facebook's most exciting feature was the ability to upload a single profile picture and internet connection still required a wire.

It was my first year of college and my second year with braces. That was the year I perfected smiling without showing my teeth. It was also the year I stopped wearing jewelry.

I had missed the window when wearing braces was considered cool. In junior high school, the color of rubber bands chosen to grace your metal mouth said more about you than any accessory ever could. By college, I just wanted to pretend that they didn't exist. In an effort to camouflage my silver smile, I said goodbye to all other metal accessories.

Post braces, stacks of gold chains, bangles of silver and all things glinting returned to their prominent place in my closet hierarchy. All but earrings... big statement earrings never quite felt the same.

Now years later, I feel I have finally addressed my aversion to metal this close to my mouth.

Remembering to always show my teeth when I smile? Eh, we'll see.


  1. ohh those braceface years, went through that but in junior high haha you look beautiful in these photos! love the lipstick color


  2. Love the earrings! And yes I remember those times also!

  3. You look so gorgeous! I'm sure your teeth do, too. I feel like braces are a rite of passage. Everyone who had them is part of this club that you only understand if you did wear braces. And you can be glad that it's over now!



  4. You ladies are so sweet! And I knew there would be others who understood the dreaded braces years!

  5. unfortunately i am haunted by the days of braces. i used to put white rubberbands on in hopes that they would be less noticeable. thank goodness it's over! i am your newest follower! follow each other? xx sylvie