Tuesday, February 28, 2012

gotta drink your spinach, baby {green smoothie}

He doesn't really know why he gets a Green Smoothie every morning before work. My husband probably thinks it is his idea (ha!). He doesn't know that the framework for his healthy breakfast drink actually originated in my childhood. In my repeated screenings of old Shirley Temple movies and the song "You Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby..." something must have stuck.

I want you strong as Apollo 
A sturdy and masculine sheik 
Darling, the way that people will say that 
"My, what a gorgeous physique" 
If you want to be like I want you to be 
Follow this carefully... 

You've gotta eat your spinach, baby 
To give you lots of TNT 
For whenever you're caressing me 
Then you'll need every vitamin from A to Z 
Please take my advice 
Kissing is dangerous, doctors all agree 

I'll take your advice 
But don't ever kiss anybody but me 

You've gotta eat your spinach, baby 
If you do you can't go wrong 
For it's gonna make you nice and strong 
And the stronger you are, the longer you'll live
And the longer I'll have to love you

Unfortunately, my body rejects anything but coffee in my system before 9 a.m. But yesterday, this Sterling Style recipe made for a lovely late afternoon snack.

You just gotta drink your spinach... and kale... and pear... and banana, baby. Promise, you won't regret it!

Ya Gotta Eat Your Spinach Baby by Maria Muldaur/Carrie Lyn on Grooveshark

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