Thursday, February 2, 2012

hallo germany

My passport has stamps in it. For the first time, ink graces the faded pages of my little book. A little book of adventurous possibility.

While my blog was silent, husband and I flew across the sea to Cologne, Germany.

Our time in Germany was cold, and confusing, and at times a little scary. All items that may sound like negatives. But they weren't. Stepping outside of the comfort of our everyday world was a delightful breath of fresh air.

Our hotel was in the perfect location. Just a few blocks from the train station/Dom Cathedral/shopping/tourist central. A straight line of beautiful old bricks and stones amidst the hustle of a modern city.

Upon our arrival, we scoffed at the line of taxis outside the train station, choosing instead to walk to our hotel. In our confidence, we neglected to realize that our hotel was a straight shot from the train station. That is until after we had already hauled our luggage through winding, narrow, cobblestone streets for 20 minutes.

The Dom Cathedral is breathtaking. A striking gothic structure that can be seen across the city, it was often my guiding star if I became lost. From outside, it is almost frightening in it's dark, ash-like grandeur. Inside, you do not escape from the cold or darkness, but the interior somehow exudes a glowing warmth.

Warhols and Picassos are among some of the artists whose pieces are in Museum Ludwig. At times, I would compare the museum to a brightly lit haunted house with eerie and unexpected pieces around every corner. See the woman beside husband in the third picture? Yeah, she is art. I would say it took me a solid 45 seconds to realize this fact. Totally. Freaked. Me. Out.

The Fruh am Dom. A popular tourist attraction, the pub is known for it's continual flow of Kolsch beer, sausage and potatoes. Basically, husband heaven. Me? Eh. But you know what they say... when in Rome... or Germany...

The Hohenzollern Bridge runs over the Rhine River and is covered with locks engraved with the names of lovers. Are you surprised that this was my favorite spot?

The Chocolate Museum also happens to be a chocolate factory. They make chocolate. 'Nough said.

In conclusion, I would just like to say, "Danke schoen Germany, danke schoen." Danke schoen for your friendly people, your sparkling water, your cobblestone streets, your long long meals, your European women all looking so lovely and fashionable, your strong coffee always served in a cup and saucer, buildings that make the U.S. look oh so young, your romance, and, of course, for the stamp in my passport.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! Germany is def. on my list...

    1. It was wonderful! Highly, highly recommended :)