Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lovers' locks

No one is quite sure how it began; the idea to firmly clasp lovers' locks to the Hohenzollern Bridge and toss the keys into the river as a sign of an unbreakable bond.

Like reminiscing on a great love, you look back at the bridge in a bewildered bliss, unaware of how little details become something so grand.


  1. i've seen photos of this place and my dream is to someday go! great photos :)

    came across your blog through the daybook. you have such a cute layout!


    1. Thank you Andrea! Don't you just love the daybook??? Soooo precious.

  2. Isn't lovely... I think I need a lock fence all of my own. Lovers would travel from far and wide to bind there love for all eternity. Of course, they would be traveling to Kansas, so..... hmmmm

  3. Ummm I literally just teared up a little.. is that sad? Haha!