Thursday, February 9, 2012

misconceptions and one amazing mother-in-law

I had my misconceptions about poached eggs.

Misconception #1... I thought poached eggs were bland. Perhaps because my only exposure to them was when drenched in a rich hollandaise. In the past, the egg merely got in the way of the full ham, english muffin, benedict experience. Then, I tried a lone poached egg.  Never has an egg tasted so wonderful. And so the cravings began.

Misconception #2... I thought poached eggs were difficult to prepare. I scanned the internet seeking the recipe for a perfectly poached egg. The tips included adding vinegar, a deep pot, bringing the water to a boil then turning the heat off, and even mason jar canning rings. It was all a bit... intimidating.

One weekend, I expressed my poached egg woes to my mother-in-law. Raised on a farm, she looked at me with bewilderment.

"Well girl, that's easy!" she said with a wave of her hand as though swatting all my fears away.

In a flash, she produced a fry pan filled with water, walked it across the kitchen, and placed it on the stove-top. An act that if performed by me, would have required TWO hands, taken entirely TOO long, and would have resulted in half the water splashing TO the floor.

Before I knew it, she had cracked four eggs (yep, FOUR) into the simmering water-filled fry pan.

"So this is where you turn the heat off, right?" I asked, armed with my Google knowledge.

Another look of bewilderment from my mother-in-law, "No girl, you gotta cook it..."

As she swirled and splashed the water with confidence, I watched the transparent eggs turn to white, amazed at how easy she made it look.

"How long do you cook them for?" I asked, ready to learn from her genius.

"Until they're done!" she exclaimed with a smile.

In the end, she presented me with two perfectly poached eggs. Delicious.

Turns out, poached eggs are easy and my mother-in-law is amazing. Good thing I already knew the latter.


  1. Teach me!! I love poached I'm craving them.

  2. I've never been a poached egg person. Something about runny yolk does something to my stomach, but that sandwich sure looks tasty! I'm sure it all has to do with the way I prepare it too :)

  3. You know I've never had poached eggs either, gonna have to look this up and make it for the husband because he would LOVE it!!


  4. You know, my soon-to-be-ex-wife hated my mother, and to hear your admiration for her and her home skills is so refreshing, that had it not been for the poached egg pictures, I would have gotten misty and written a huge blog post about your magnanimity.

    I hope that your veneration for her blossoms in your life with all of the positive ramifications thereof. There is so much to learn, and with your willingness to absorb it seems you have a long, blessed life in front of you and your husband!

    Cheers to you!

  5. Soooo... did she use vinegar? Ha! Or did she just let them cook in the boiling water? And seriously, for how long? I don't want to over do them!!! See, I need a recipe :)