Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nothing special

It is nothing special.

Bottles of this cologne were available in almost any tourist destination. Around every corner. In nearly every shop.

It is a tiny bottle that stands no taller than my thumb. I didn't even open the lid to take a sniff before purchasing. Yet it is my favorite thing we brought home from our trip to Germany.

I love the pretty vintage label in the perfect shades of dusty turquoise and metallic gold. The delicate lid is topped with the red emblem bearing the cologne name, forty-seven eleven.

It now sits in our living room, atop a stack of vintage books I purchased at a garage sale. An obvious spot to place a bottle of cologne, if I do say so myself.

Upon refection, perhaps it is something special.


  1. WOW. This is so lovely. So perfectly gorgeous.


  2. adore the vintage labels as well. beautiful!!
    xo TJ

  3. if you grow tired of it you can just send it to me. it's ok. i'd be alright with that.

  4. What a sweet bottle. I totally would have thought it was bigger than a thumb! :P

    1. I know! My pictures made it look kinda huge, haha!

    2. You know what I want to say here, but I'll refrain ;)

  5. Isn't it funny how something pretty can make us feel so good? Just passing it makes me smile...