Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the gray hair

{ knit dress via posh in marlow, ok // vintage belt similar here //lucky brand boots similar here }

I found a gray hair. Well, technically, it was white, but somehow that seems worse.

That hair... it didn't even have the decency to hide beneath layers or on the back of my head where I would never know of its existence. No, the coarse hair came directly from my hairline. A daring little sucker, it was. Falling blatantly into my eye with the rest of my bang-like fringe.

It was a moment of shock. Then denial. 

"No, surely not. It couldn't be," I thought as I frantically parted through the dirty blond, seeking the source of the problem. "I'm still in my 20's. How could this be?" 

My mouth was open in horror, face just inches from the bathroom mirror, and both hands clutching the culprit when the engineer walked into the bathroom.

"What is this? Do you see this? What iiiiiissss this?" I said, pouncing on him, holding it inches from my face, going cross-eyed from staring. 

"What?" he asked in a tone that was equal parts mild and "my wife is crazy."

"It's a gray hair! I have a gray hair!" I shouted.

He came in closer to examine the specimen. "It's blond," he said, locking in his final verdict.

I stepped back and gave him my best "you're an idiot, but I'm grateful to you for being smart enough to lie to me" look. Then, with one swift move, I plucked the "blond" hair from my head. 

But we know the truth. I found a gray hair.


  1. Girl, I unfortunately find them every day! It's a sad thing, but that's why God invented hair dye.

    xoxo! Emily

    1. haha! I actually have never dyed my hair before! But this does open up some possibilities ;)

  2. I am just waiting for that day! The bible talks about Gray hair being a sign of wisdom...I am trying to see the bright side of things!!

    1. I like your optimism! I will have to inform the hubs that I am full of wisdom now ;)

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    1. Thank you! Thank you! I will absolutely head on over and check your blog out! :)

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