Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a house divided

{aviators via ray-ban / ann taylor shirt similar here / flying monkey jeans similar here / vince camuto sandals similar here / j crew bracelet similar here / watch via michael kors / necklace similar here}

The engineer and I have a problem. 

There are certain subjects that should be discussed before marriage. Very important issues, like religion, politics and children. On all these things we agree, but the engineer and I missed one.


That's right, I confess I did not consider the hardship that would come with marrying a man who did not agree with me on this pressing matter (if you drink French Press, that pun was intended).

I envy those couples who share a love for high fat, high flavor, high cost coffee drinks. They make it seem so easy. No discussions of whether you "really neeeeed" a Starbucks. No mocking you when you call your cup of coffee "a Starbucks"... "Really, Bianca, you need a Starbucks? Like the whole store?" Very funny hubs.

I cannot deny how simple it all would be if he just had a constant White Chocolate Mocha craving like me. How much easier it would be if only our house was not divided... 


  1. Replies
    1. I know! Me too ;)

      They are last season though.... grrrrr...

      Please share the link if you find anything more similar than the ones I have linked!

    2. ooh i am totally loving the shoes too! so interesting!

    3. Agree, they're AMAZING!! You look gorgeous!

  2. I Love this post!! Reminds me of myself! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my white mocha from Starbucks....and I am a coffee addict...hope I don't have that issue with my boyfriend...or it will be a nightmare..lol

  3. heh heh hubby and i are on different coffee wavelengths as well so i totally relate!