Wednesday, March 28, 2012

in the mail

The contents of our mailbox are usually uninspiring. The monotony of bills and ads is only broken by the occasional catalog. The sight of a J.Crew, Madewell or Anthropologie warrants jumping up and down excitement. With the appearance of my monthly InStyle magazine, comes an even more embarrassing amount of glee including clapping and a squeal.

You can imagine my delight when amongst the clutter of our postal norm sat an unprecedented package from one of my dearest friends. How giddy I became at the sight of the bulky envelope, her name and address in the corner, and, of course, her bubbly script addressing the package to me.

Inside was this vintage tablecloth and a card from her explaining that, if you look very closely, you will see Ventura and Santa Barbara in faded turquoise. Ventura and Santa Barbara; the locations of our wedding ceremony and reception. The cloth made her think of us, our wedding where she was a bridesmaid, and our family's beach house where we all stayed. It is perfect.

The feeling I have when I look at my special gift reminds me of how important random acts of kindness are... especially when they come in the mail.

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