Friday, March 16, 2012

it all started with a bar cart

barcart1 barcart2 DSC07806
DSC07801 DSC07810
It all started with a bar cart. A perfect bar cart with wood legs and glass shelves that I spotted at one of my favorite antique stores. The perfect piece to add to our home. For awhile it was empty, waiting to be styled. Waiting to hold the treasures that would make it truly ours.

First the book, The Sixties, was placed on the bottom shelf. A big-eyed Twiggy stares up at you from the cover as you pass.

Next, layered on the book, is a large seashell that has been painted metallic gold, for a pop. Another antique store purchase.

Besides the book and shell, I placed two bright blue root beer bottles with gold labels. The bottles are souvenirs from one of our very first dates to a medieval fair. Behind those, some Perrier, just because it's my favorite.

The bottom shelf was finished off with the "Please Enjoy a Lovely Drink" sign from our wedding.

The top shelf holds the most exciting piece to the bar cart puzzle. I found this decanter and glass set at a local thrift store. They are heavy crystal with perfect little sailboats etched into the glass. My mom and dad received the exact same set as a present at their own California wedding back in the '70's. The set is still displayed in their kitchen window.

I love that this display of special trinkets and happy memories all started with a bar cart.


  1. This looks divine. I long to have my own home instead of student digs so I can start doing it up! You have perfect taste! X